The purpose of occupational therapy is to foster the development of skills (psychosocial, cognitive, and motor) through specific activities.

In occupational therapy, each individual is treated as a unique entity, where the body, mind, and spirit function together. The clinic conducts therapeutic activities in individual or group settings:


Participants have the opportunity to create and express themselves through their drawings, using various painting techniques (tempera, acrylics, watercolors).

Cognitive Skills with Games

These activities help in fine motor skills, sensory stimulation, enhancing cognitive functions, cultivating thinking, critical thinking, speech, memory, attention, concentration, increasing self-confidence, and social interaction.


Creating collages, jewelry, constructions using clay, plaster, and seasonal objects. The use of materials promotes the expression of emotions.

Current Affairs Group

Information and discussion on current topics with the aim of developing communication skills and dialogue. Strengthening critical thinking, memory, and concentration.

Reading Group

Reading texts (such as literature or art) and discussion. The group enhances the maintenance of intellectual alertness, knowledge, vocabulary, fluency in verbal speech, memory, concentration, and analytical thinking.

Music Therapy / Dance Therapy

The main goal is entertainment. Simultaneously, members interact with each other—without the need for verbal communication—and express themselves physically and emotionally.

Movie Projection Group

Strengthening the expression of ideas and emotions through watching and discussing films.

However, these activities are not limited solely within the clinic but extend, as deemed beneficial, to external environments through organized outings for walks, coffee, as well as educational or recreational trips (such as museum visits).

At Galene Clinic, we strongly believe in the substantial assistance that the aforementioned services can provide. This is why we have invested both in human resources and in creating specialized spaces (such as a dance studio, gym, library, etc.) where these activities can unfold.
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