Psychotherapy can be a significant aid in a wide variety of mental disorders and emotional difficulties. It is based on dialogue and a relationship of trust between the patient and a specialized professional

Helping in the substantial reduction or control of unwanted symptoms, allowing individuals to function with greater personal freedom. Psychotherapeutic services include:

MMPI Test (Psychometric Test)

Individual Sessions/Meetings

The individual being treated is in a secure "space" where there is no judgment about their feelings, thoughts, and choices. They are in a calm, stable, and predictable environment, developing a relationship with the specialist based on trust, confidentiality, and empathy. They have the opportunity to delve into issues that concern and challenge them, gaining a better understanding of the mechanisms they use and perhaps identifying more beneficial and functional ones for themselves and their environment.

Group Psychotherapy

In group therapy, within a protected framework, special emphasis is given to interpersonal interactions. The group provides feedback to each individual on what they perceive in the "here and now" of the process. Contact with other members empowers the patient, instills hope, and provides a strong foundation for mental processes that can lead to personal changes.

Family Support Group

If desired, family members have the opportunity to receive support individually or in a group, with the goal of exploring their difficult experiences (such as anxiety, worries, guilty thoughts, fear) and developing an appropriate approach to dealing with the situation and interacting with their loved one.

Art Therapy

By utilizing the individual's artistic creation, their ability to express emotions, thoughts, and internal conflicts is promoted, communicating them to the environment. The specialist encourages artistic expression, intervening or remaining silent as needed. Art therapy is a synthesis of art and psychology aimed at supporting and developing personality.

Patient Nutrition

Regarding the kitchen, we have a chef who takes care of the daily nutrition of patients. There is the possibility of preparing diabetic diets and specially enriched diets for open patients, hypercaloric diets, and high-protein diets.

GALENE Clinic provides specialized services that cater to every stage of patients' treatment.
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